January 21, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

subtle tea interior a

For SubtleTea, nemaworkshop researched the social dynamics of drinking tea and how they could be reinterpreted for a location on Madison Avenue. The idea was to give a local meeting spot for the neighborhood, where one could relax and catch up with friends. The design hinges on innovative material relationships and the idea of communal space. via

interior b

The rough barn wood gives a sense of historic richness but offsetting it with the glossy Himalayan marble and modern finishes allows the space to feel light and fresh. The long communal table is equipped with iPod and cell phone chargers that wiggle out of the center of the large wood slab, inviting you to plug in and stay for a while. The space establishes SubtleTea as a brand which challenges traditional formal conventions yet embraces the informal social interaction of sharing tea with a neighbor.

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