A new design brand-Nosigner

September 27, 2010 Furniture Design, Product Design

new design brand nosigner

The young Japanese architect Nosigner recently showcased ‘AWA’, a new range of furniture he created in collaborative work  with Tokushima based traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Like his previous works this collection shows as well Nosigner´s focus on the cultural background of his pieces. The craftsmanship , the material or the apperance – all his works subtly contain some tradisional, original Japanese aspects.

squares design

“SQUARES are accessory cases which were designed by these rectangle. The surface was polished by piano finish with sheepskin, which is a unique technique of making traditional mirror stand in Tokushima prefecture, Japan. Whole drawers of SQUARES are not open until the center drawer is open. This is a traditional trick used for Japanese drawer.”

products accessory cases

accessory sumi

design sumi

design arborism nosigner

arborism nosigner

table design arborism nosigner

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