Winter Bedding Storage Tips

September 5, 2010 Bedroom Design

winter bedding storage tips

Although we are now heading into autumn and subsequently winter, it is never too early to consider how to store our winter bedding. More than likely you will reach into your cupboards at the end of this month and pull out your nice thick winter duvet. But the musty smell and layer of dust that accompanies it, is perhaps not what you needed.

winter bedding acsesory

With a little TLC and preparation your winter bedding can be as fresh as a spring day. My first tip is to give your winter bedding a proper deep clean before you put it away. If you have a good quality duvet then perhaps consider spending a few pennies and taking it to a dry cleaner. If this does not appeal then pop down to your local launderette and use one of their larger machines and wash and dry away! This will save you loads of time and effort, but do read the washing instructions carefully. Unlike what many think, a down duvet can be washed in the washing machine. Use a mild washing powder and put in a couple of tennis balls in the dryer. This helps distribute the down as it is being dried.

winter bedding storage

Flannel bedding ought to be washed and dried separately from your other bedding. The lint left from flannel bedding can do real damage to your dryer, so dry them naturally. Hang them on the line outside, perfectly straight. This keeps their shape and keeps them in good condition for the following winter. Once all your bedding is clean and dry then you need to store it properly. Large plastic bags are ideal, not black bin bags, as they tend to smell. Carefully fold the bedding into the bag, then get some string and tie it round the bedding like a parcel. This will keep it enclosed and clean and ready for the following winter. A wide variety of bedding can be found at Bedstar store. Bedstar sell stylish products of excellent quality for the bedroom.

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