Decorate a Room Inspired By an English Country Home

September 5, 2010 Textile and Wallpaper

room inspired by an english country home

Living on the country side surrounded by the beautiful British landscape is the dream of many. Unfortunately, it will always remain just a dream. However, that does not stop you from making your house look like it belongs somewhere surrounded by fields and sheep! If you are already living on the country side then lucky you, but for the rest; here are some tips on how to make your home more country like.

english country home interior

If you are a fan of the traditional floral English garden, then use that as your inspiration. Beautiful white vintage looking furniture and big old mirrors are perfect for the country feeling. If you do not want the white wood, go for the darker option with big old bookcases and chests of draws in dark mahogany like colours. Perfect furniture for the kitchen or living room is a display cabinet with glass doors. Get one that looks antique and put some beautiful glass on display.

english country home

Get a white or cream coloured, sofa to maintain that traditional English country home look. A classic dark brown leather sofa in Oxford style is also suitable.  Choose curtains, cushions and beddings which are white, floral, baby blue or baby pink. Vantona has beautiful curtains, cushions and beddings inspired by the English garden and countryside. If you put up some pretty floral curtains the room will transform, looking like it belongs on the fields. So do not be sad just because you do not live on the country side. Instead create the country look inside your home by decorating. The online web store sells beautiful furniture, curtains and beddings inspired by country homes. Different brands are available such as Vantona and Accolade.

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