The building of hewn stone and slabs

June 17, 2010 Interior Design Ideas

interior ialian house

The district, known as Colda, used to be covered with vineyards since it was protected and south-facing; the strongly declining land is situated between the access road to the south and the secondary road higher up.via

interior livingroom

interior bedroom



building hewn stone slabs

The cross-section of the house is built into the land shape connecting the two roads. The volume which can be seen outside the earth, which consists exclusively of the living-room and the kitchen, is built between two stone walls to the north and is enclosed by a wood and glass façade to the south from where the house opens onto the garden. The non-orthogonal orientation of the volume, which is turned towards the most beautiful view of the valley, and the twisting effect on the roof floor, which aims at reducing the building’s height by levelling it on the lowest crag, have deformed the volume which is thus perfectly integrated to the landscape, partly thanks to the material used for coating the building: hewn stone and slabs.

exterior italian house

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