Lighting concept for Al Dente Restaurant

April 7, 2010 Modern Lighting

twig like metallic fixtures

.PSLAB Beirut was asked to develop a lighting concept for al dente restaurant in beirut–lebanon. The high ceiling restaurant is divided into 3 areas: the main central area containing the entrance and the main hall, a secondary hall and a bar area. .PSLAB developed twig-like metallic fixtures to be mounted in clusters at the center axis connecting the entrance to the main hall. For the secondary hall and bar area, they developed superposed brass discs carrying the light source and fixed to the ceiling by means of a metallic rod. The linear layout of the fixtures and the continuity of the line of light defines the depth of the spaces.

metallic fixtures

line of light

high ceiling restaurant

brass discs carrying light

lighting concept

bar lighting concept

restaurant lighting concept

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