Cologne Designpost & imm [D3] Contest

February 2, 2010 Furniture Design

moroso patricia urquiola

The Design Post in Cologne embodies a showroom concept for high-quality furnishing and modern design. More than 30 high-calibre collections from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland are presented under one roof displaying their latest living and furnishing trends.

design post moroso

design post montis

design post pastoe

design post arco

design post linteloo

At the imm cologne, young designers get the chance to present their original product ideas alongside the established stars of the furniture industry. Design lives from a constant stream of new ideas. And sometimes from the reinvention of old ones. What’s crucial is a constant change of perspectives that questions what has already been achieved, penetrates beyond established aesthetics and ventures to suggest new approaches. Experimental design thus fulfils an important function for the entire discipline – by ensuring continuous input.

young designers imm studio joon jung

young designers imm pepe heykoop

young designers imm marc samuel


young designers imm lifegoods

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