Discover the dragon

December 26, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

red chairs dark kitchen

Interior by Stefan Boublil, combining 3 smaller apartments into one at one of new york city’s most coveted uptown addresses. With a built-in wraparound sofa, a secret door in the solid walnut library and distributed surround sound all over the home, this project is an ode to the 80s during which the building was erected.”i might describe the final result as having a monastery + cowboy ranch + 80s vibe…the kitchen and dining area is the only one wrapped in waxed concrete thereby giving it a theatrical feel, especially when see from the rest of the apartment which is clad in bleached pine and subdued colors”.

seat corner

New York apartment interior view

music room

integrated plasma solution

big interior picture

old solid wood bedroom

kids room in blue

green washbasin

dragon bathroom

ceiling painted dragon

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