July 16, 2009 Art in Interiors

kinetic art installation 3

Reef is a responsive, kinetic installation by Rob Ley and Joshua Stein which investigates the role emerging material technology can play in the sensitive reprogramming of architectural and public space. The responsive surface is structured by an aluminum lattice capable of fitting snugly inside the specific context of the Storefront gallery.

kinetic art installation 5

Within Storefront’s planimetric wedge, this surface moves from simple vertical plane to volumetric habitable space producing intense and varied experiential conditions. At the narrow end of the wedge, the vertical responsive surface acts as an interior billboard drawing in the public from the busy street intersection. As the wedge of the Storefront gallery expands from this corner, this surface wraps back on itself to create a barrel vault of reactive fins offering a more physically immersive experience.

kinetic art installation 6

kinetic art installation 4

kinetic art installation 1

kinetic art installation 2

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