Lighting concept by PSLAB

April 27, 2009 Modern Lighting

pending big trio lamp

PSLAB collaborated with DOS architects on the refurbishment of an old Victorian residence in London. They developed a range of custom light fixtures adapted to the architectural constraints and the desired spatial conditions.

pending big trio lamps

The central element of the residence consisted of the dining room, housed in a double-volume space, establishing a vertical connection to the living room above. Through its high glass panels, the dining room also featured a strong horizontal connection to the backyard. However, the highly transparent façade was interrupted by an opaque concrete frame which, seen from the outside, blurred the vertical spatial connection.

wall lights purple couch

Consequently, developed an installation of three large U-shaped arms fixed with a hinge system to the concrete frame, each carrying a stainless steel cylindrical lighting head at their end. The shape of the fittings responded directly to the volume of the space, and re-established the connection between the levels in the façade. Also due to their flexibility and size, the arms would, from one point of fixation, float over the whole area of the dining room. A fourth endependent shorter arm would cover the stairs running along the side of the room. A similar language was developed for the lighting of the backyard with a system of cylindrical lights attached to the railing, unifying the interior and exterior spaces.

pending big lamp purple curtains

pending big lamp

black wall lamp garden

house outside view

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