TemaHome in imm cologne 2009

January 27, 2009 Furniture Design


The Lisbon Collection is an expression of contemporary art representing the diverse talent of the modern Portuguese soul, from fashion to product design – from landmarks to natural beauty. To celebrate and promote this collection, a reunion of product and fashion designers was coordinated by Portugal’s leading fashion producer who handpicked some of the city’s most iconic locations to be captured by one of the country’s most expressive photographers. Every single piece in the collection is exclusive in the true sense of the word. Made in limited quantities, all items are numbered and bear the signature of its designer.




Developed by request of a landmark Lisbon restaurant bearing the same name, the Tavares chair is an object of thoughtful geometric lines, a “Shell” as a chair. Built in black steel, its forms reveal the simplicity of an object that integrates with its surrounding architecture defining a common space identity.



“Furoshiki”, rug Miguel Vieira Baptista, 2008 – In reference to the Japanese wrapping technique, that protects objects for transport, the Furoshiki seems like a folded cloth. The rug’s pattern combines 6 different colors and is produced by hand in 100% wool from New Zealand.


The form of the Gem table suggests a meticulously cut and polished crystal which allows for a different perspective from all angles. The Gem coffee table exists in two versions, square and rectangular, and is produced in Montelli. Its design, characterized by lateral cut facets, which alternate between empty and solid planes, is made possible by the properties of the material used which allows for superior precision in cut and glue methods. The Montelli absorbs the bonding of specific glue differently, making it impossible to view the pieces connecting. The end result is a piece that looks like it’s been carved from a single stone.



“Using a musical instrument box as inspiration, the Scatola Armonica, has cut out designs on its doors which were based on the paper fold and cut technique. These laser made cut outs are similar to those of some musical instrument boxes and substitute knobs with which to open the sideboard. “


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