Design by rephorm

January 27, 2009 Product Design


The Berlin based design-label rephorm presents new ideas and solutions for the 5 sqm between sky and earth… The products of rephorm now help to reclaim the urban waste land of „Balconia“: The designs seamlessly fit into their habitat; formerly not usable spaces now will become an open air living space. All designs: Michael Hilgers .



urBonfire represents fire in it’s most elementary form: 8 polished steel tubes carry the flame which is enclosed by 8mm borosilicate glass. It runs with odorless and smokefree bio ethanol.


Steckling is simply sticked onto the bannister: You don’t need any tools or screws to fix it.


The Blumenkasten is determined by the spanning of the enclosed weatherproof telescopic rod in the Fensterleibung fixed. You do not need any holes or screws. Herb has a water reservoir with water level indicator.


Urban bird-androids: The different functional elements (ashtray, tealight-holder, solar lamp) are fixed by clamping themselves on the balcony railing (round tubes between 40 an 60mm diameter)



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