Itamonte Garage Project by Zebulun Arquitetura

May 25, 2020 Interior Design Ideas

garage zebulun arquitetura 4

Located high on the Cosme Velho neighborhood, the Itamonte Garage project was guided by the flexibility of the program and spaces. The 70m² area, previously used as a large warehouse, had only one room, a small bathroom, and a garage with poor lighting and ventilation. Aiming to accommodate a craft beer brewery, the space was modified, becoming one large room with an open kitchen, one suite, one bathroom, and a utility room. Read More

NORTIS Temporary Office

March 22, 2020 Interior Design Ideas

nortis temporary office triart arquitetura 1

The project had as a starting point the use of blocks of different shapes – material utilized in the construction industry and, depending on the manner it is worn, it might make the project more sophisticated. Read More

All-White Home by Jardim Arquitetura

February 27, 2020 Interior Design Ideas

casinha jardim arquitetura 8

The project was based on an existing edicule located near one of the lateral boundaries of the site. The initial program contained only one bedroom, a bathroom and a warehouse that totaled 24sqm, this was expanded adding kitchen, service area and living room and turned into a 60sqm house. Read More

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